Aromatherapy  Cleaning Essentials, LLC

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes we are! Aromatherapy Cleaning Essentials is fully bonded and carries general liability insurance. So you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

Where are your service areas?
We currently serve parts of Alabama and Georgia.

Is there a contract?
No we do not have a contract.  Aromatherapy Cleaning Essentials only has a Cleaning Services Agreement.  Our Residential Cleaning Services Agreement simply spells out what we both expect of each other. Basically a means to avoid confusion, which can be easily referenced if any questions should arise. The Service Agreement can be canceled by either party, for any reason by giving a 30 day written notice.

Who Provides the cleaning supplies?
Aromatherapy Cleaning Essentials provides all cleaning solutions, microfiber cleaning cloths and paper towels. We ask that the client provides the following for sanitary purposes.

  • Vacuum - There is no such thing as a filter that will keep every air particle from escaping a vacuum bag or canister. This only spreads germs, pet dander and allergens from one house to another. Each client will be required to provide a working vacuum if one is needed to effectively clean the home.
  • String Mop - We do not bring a mop to use in homes for sanitary purposes. We recommend an old fashioned cotton or rayon string mop for all hard surfaced floors, even real and laminate wood floors. We know that real and laminate wood floors can only be damp mopped. Rest assured, we always thoroughly wring out the mop in such cases. We will also use the client's broom and dustpan if needed.
  • Toilet Brushes - We do not bring toilet brushes to use in homes. This would be a very unsanitary practice, as anyone can imagine. Aromatherapy Cleaning Essentials  Cleaning Technicians will not clean the toilet bowl by hand, with or without gloves. If our clients would like us to clean toilet bowls, which is certainly recommended; we require a toilet brush for each bathroom. Having only one toilet brush for multiple bathrooms makes it difficult to move a toilet brush from one bathroom to another without dripping contaminated toilet water throughout the home.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my cleaning?

  • Yes... we ask that you pick up clutter so that we can focus on cleaning. We will not be able to clean or vacuum areas that are excessively cluttered.
  • We are a pet friendly company. However we ask that restrict pets from areas we will need to clean. This will allow us to clean more efficiently. This is also much more comfortable for your pet, since we are strangers in their home. If allowed to run free, Aromatherapy Cleaning Essentials will not be responsible for run-away pets when we open doors to leave. Please do not ask us to let pets outside while we are cleaning.
  • Make sure arrangements have been made for entry into your home. If your house has a security system, please remember to disarm the alarm before we are scheduled to arrive.


Do I need to be home for my cleaning?
No... when we clean homes we prefer them to be unoccupied so we can focus on cleaning. However, it is not required. We only ask that while we are cleaning, clients are not in the room being serviced and moving from room to room as needed. This can be distracting and cause us to miss areas that need cleaning, as well as put us behind schedule. For clients who prefer to run errands while we are cleaning, most homes take approximately 2 to 3 hours to clean on a maintenance level. We will be able to tell you close to how long we will be and even notify clients when we leave so they can return home if they choose.

What do I do if I'm not completely satisfied?
Client satisfaction is our primary goal. Communication is key! It is very important that you notify us of even the smallest of concerns. We are committed to making you happy, so that we can continue to increase the level of service for you.
What about breakable items?
We call these "risky items". Risky items include anything wobbly or unusually fragile or that could cause injury or be difficult or impossible to replace if broken. For example: fragile figurines, glassware, top-heavy vases or booby traps such as mirrors or pictures that are not hung securely. Remove risky items to areas we will not be cleaning. We cannot be held responsible for items that would have otherwise been easily cleaned without incident.

What about items damaged during cleaning?
If we are at fault, then our insurance policy guides what happens next: repair, replace or reimbursement. For breakage, you must save the broken item for inspection.  Any item that you feel is irreplaceable should be moved to an area that will not be cleaned. If an item gets broken, our cleaning techs call management immediately. A photograph is taken of the broken item and emailed to the office for our records. We then call the client to inform them that we accidentally broke an item and would like to make arrangements to either repair, replace or reimburse.